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curb marker adhesive being applied to a curb marker
curb marker adhesive being applied to a curb markerMetalbond Curb Marker Adhesive

Curb Marker Adhesive

  • Long-term permanent bond that lasts up to 20 years
  • Bond maintained in wet or moist conditions
  • Cures in 24 hours
  • Suitable for use on 20+ 4" Curb Markers

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    Price: $8.99 / Tube
    Product DescriptionCurb Marker installation guide
    Secure your curb markers firmly on the ground by applying a layer of Curb Marker Adhesive. The adhesive sticks excellently on concrete due to its long-term permanent bond that lasts up to 20 years. The bond between the curb markers and the ground is maintained even in wet or moist conditions, allowing curb markers to remain in any environment. Weight: 10.2 oz/ tube. Suitable for use on 20 or more 4" diameter Curb Markers, or 30 or more 2.5" diameter Curb Markers. Color of adhesive: Aluminum gray.
    Technical Details   
    Type All-Purpose Permanent Adhesive
    Thickness Apply to back at 0.125 inch thickness
    Application Temperature 0 to 100º F
    Service Temperature -20º F to 120º F
    Permanently bonds to Wood, plywood, concrete, metals, brick, gypsum, plaster
    Item Number: PS-800
    Manufacturer: William Frick & Company
    Manufacturer Part No: PS-800

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