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micro-trench marker application shot
micro-trench marker application shotmicro-trench marker application shotmicro-trench CABLE IN JOINT markermicro-trench marker dimensional drawing

Micro-Trench Fiber Optic Marker

  • Clearly mark fiber optic cable micro-trenches
  • UV stable plastic resin with excellent outdoor durability
  • High temperature endurance
  • Able to withstand repeated impacts from trucks and snowplows

  • Minimum order: 100

    Price: $2.50

    Product DescriptionRequest a Quote for Custom Micro-Trench Markers
    The highly visible micro-trench "CABLE IN JOINT" fiber optic cable marker was designed specifically to be placed in micro-trench filling to identify fiber optic cables. Extremely outdoor durable and UV stable, the micro-trench marker is able to withstand intense heat, cold, and winter road maintenance. The highly versatile plastic resin bridges the gap between properties of plastic and metal, allowing the micro-trench marker to remain unaffected after repeated impacts from trucks, snowplows and foot traffic. The bright yellow color enables easy identification of underground fiber optic cables to prevent accidentally cut fiber cables during future road maintenance. Dimensions of top: 2.34" W x 0.42" H.


    What is Mirco-Trenching?
    Micro-trenching is a new way of laying fiber optic cable. Previous methods of laying fiber optic cables were time consuming, expensive and often created congestion on busy roads. Micro-trenching allows for faster, cheaper and less disruptive installation compared to traditional cable installation. A trench approximately 1" W x 12" H is cut into the cement and a special fiber optic cable micro-trench duct is placed inside, allowing fiber optic cable to run through it. The trench is then filled with concrete or special micro-trenching grout. The process takes a fraction of the time and leaves a much smaller footprint on roads.

    For more information about the micro-trenching process: - NYC MicroTrenching Program

    Why Do I Need a Mirco-Trench Marker?
    William Frick & Company's Micro-Trench Marker was designed specifically for use in micro-trench filling allowing construction crews to easily identify the location of buried fiber optic cable in micro-trenches. To install, simply press the marker into uncured filling until the marker is flush. The specially designed legs of the marker will help keep it locked into place and level in the micro-trench filling. The brightly colored marker will remain unchanged through extreme weather conditions, freezing temperatures and high heat. The durable plastic resin will hold up to vehicle and foot traffic. The text is embedded into the single piece of plastic meaning that the text will remain readable year after year.

    Technical Details
    Overall Thickness 0.13"
    Melt Temperature 410°-430°
    Water Resistance Excellent
    Solvents Resistance Excellent
    Oil Resistance Excellent
    UV Resistance Excellent
    Abrasion Resistance Excellent
    Expected Outdoor Durability 5-10 years
    Item Number: WFS-ES-0058

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